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Math (College Pre-Cal)

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For given functions f and g find formulas for a)f o g and b)g o f. Simplify results as much as possible. f(x)= x+7/x-13 , g(x)= 1/x+1

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    I will assume that you meant
    f(x) = (x+7)/(x-13) and g(x) = 1/(x+1)

    Those brackets are very critical in this text format.

    f o g = f( g(x) )
    = (1/(x+1) + 7)/(1/(x+1) - 13)
    multiply top and bottom by x+1
    = (1 + 7(x+1))/)1 - 13(x+1) )
    = (7x + 8)/(-13x - 12)
    -(7x+8)/(13x - 12)

    g o f = g( f(x) )
    = .....
    follow the same steps I used in the first example

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