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Again sorry about that in this section it says "You must complete the statement below regarding your interpretation of the responsibilities of the office for which you are candidate of. This statement must be turned in at the election meeting." and I gives us a few lines to right down a paragraph in it I want to put

"I am running for student council treasurer as a devoted, trustworthy, and responsible person. I feel I am qualified for this job because I know how to budget and handle money. In fact, my dad is his own manager and most of the time I help him manage the money that he is constantly dealing around with, so I feel that I can use the knowledge that he has taught me in dealing with money to make our budget work. I would be an efficient and effective treasurer for our student council. I am grateful for this great opportunity to be running for student body treasurer and am looking forward to the possibility of serving you."

The problem is This paragraph is all over the place and nothing seems right if you can please help me thanks

  • Student Council ASAP GRAMMAR -

    You didn't answer the question.

    What is " your interpretation of the responsibilities of the office "?

  • Student Council ASAP GRAMMAR -

    Like the things they do? correct?

  • Student Council ASAP GRAMMAR -


    What qualities does the treasurer need?

  • Student Council ASAP GRAMMAR -

    They have to be trustworthy and responsible. Also, they should be good at math.

  • Student Council ASAP GRAMMAR -

    In other words, Excellent math skills, Honest and trusted

  • Student Council ASAP GRAMMAR -

    Right. Treasurers need to be very accurate and very detail oriented.

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    What do you think about this?
    "Treasurers need to be very accurate when working with money and very detail oriented. They have to be trustworthy and responsible. Also, they should excellent in math. They can decide on things that work towards the budget of the class they are in. They have to keep track of things that effect it as well, such as fundraiser money, or how much was spent on certain items."

  • Student Council ASAP GRAMMAR -

    That's good. However, you mean "affect" rather than "effect."

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