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What's the best way to find Angles using logarithms and vice-versa.

Ex: log cot 0.1690 and log sin (25degrees 22min)

log sin (25+22/60)
= log sin 22.3666666667
= sin 0.38053243281
= (-0.41960832236)

Is there a simpler way to do these?

I get confused with finding the angles using logarithms

  • Logarithms -

    nope. to take the log, ya gotta find the sine first.

    Of course, if you have a decent calculator, that means you just have to

    enter 22/60+22=
    then press deg sin log

  • Logarithms -

    But how can you do the inverse? such as

    Log cot B 0.1690 = what angle?

    should find the cot first then the log?

  • Logarithms -

    your expression makes no sense.
    If you mean

    log cot B = 0.1690

    then that means

    cot B = 10^.1690 = 1.4757
    B = cot-1 1.4757 = .5955

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