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A rectangle has side lengths in the ratio 2:3. The ratio of the rectangles's perimeter to its area is 5:9. What is the length of the longer leg of the rectangle?

  • Geometry -

    let the width be 2x and the length be 3x

    Area = 6x^2
    perimeter = 10

    10x/6x^2 = 5/9
    30x^2 = 90x

    divide by 30 and factor
    x(x-3) = 0
    x = 0 or x = 3, x=0 is not admissable (we have to have some sort of a width)

    the width is 6 and the length is 9

    area = 54
    perimeter = 30
    what is 30/54 ??

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