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I was asked this question for homework but I don't even know where to begin. It has 3 parts to answer.
1) add all lone pairs and make multiple bonds with the framework shown to satisfy the octets and make the best Lewis structure.
2) For the C-N bond(s) in each molecule indicate which atomic orbitals overlap to make the bonds.
3) Indicate the direction of any significant dipoles

CH3 - N - C - O

I have no idea what to do..can anyone please help?

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    We can't draw strucures on this forum; perhaps I can give you an idea what to do. Add up electrons; H = 3 total, C = 8 total N = 5 total and O = 6 total. That gives a total of 22 electrons and they can be arranged this way.
    That satisfies the octet rule.
    Look up the electronegativities of each element; the more electronegative element will be slightly negative and the less electronegative element will be positive.

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