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college math

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system of equations:

solve the following system of operations using matrices (row operations)

{5x + y + z + w = -5}
{x - 2y + 2z -3w = -4}

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    2 equations
    4 unknowns

    no single solution.

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    I need more than that. What are the values of "x"

    I worked out the values of "y" to be:
    y = (15/11) + (9/11z) - (16/11w), but I could be wrong

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    oh, well, if that's the kind of solution you want, then it's ok.

    Eliminating x, I get

    5x+y+z+w = -5
    5x-10y+10z-15w = -20

    11y-9z+16w = 15
    so your answer looks good to me.

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    so are you saying that "x" is 15?

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    No. I used your answer and showed that no matter what x,z,w are, the expression you got will work for y. We eliminated x, remember?

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