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When you have 3 separate circles and the radius of each of those circles is 10 do i calculate like this? 2(10)+2(10)+2(10)=60 cm for my diameter

  • Radius Question Geometry(college level) -

    I'm not sure if there is a given figure for this problem, but if the three separate circles are tangent with the other with their centers aligned (or can be connected by a straight line), then yes, you get 60 cm for the diameter of the new, bigger circle which circumscribes on the three smaller circles.

  • Radius Question Geometry(college level) -

    There are 3 separate circles, there is a chord drawn through the center of each circle, the point of tangency is on the third circle. So i drew a line perpendicular from the radius of 10 in the third circle to the point of tangency.

    This is the entire question(Each of the three circles in the figure has a radius of 10. The line OA contains the centers of the three circles, and the line OB is tangent to the right-hand circle. Find the length of segment CD.

    Is there a way to submit my picture?

  • Radius Question Geometry(college level) -

    I solved it. the length of segment CD with by 20 cm. Thank you

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