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Hi ms sue you had answerd question abt whether culture ethic have influence over environmental ethics or vice Versa could it be that both have effect over each other ? Why only culture have effect over it ? Cause do environmental ethics change way we perceive environment ?

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    Yes, I agree. Environmental ethics and cultural ethics definitely influence each other.

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    Thanks very much ms sue can you please help me to put this in better explained detailed answer ? One point I got for culture is that ones beliefs and customs can affect environment what other points can I add for both ?

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    When people around us respect the environment, we usually do too. People I know recycle paper, cans, plastic, etc. We buy cloth bags for our groceries. We'd be embarrassed to litter or harm nature.

    The environment influences culture. As I understand it, Islamic paradise is a lush, green place with a lot of water and plants. This ideal is probably because Arabia is very dry and people had to struggle to live. Native Americans valued the environment because it gave them animals that were so necessary for their food and shelter.

    Is that what you need?

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    Thanks so much ms sue :)

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    You're very welcome, Mohammad.

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