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In a reaction between pure acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate, 14.7 grams of sodium bicarbonate was added to 21.0 mL of acetic acid. Which reactant is the limiting reactant in this reaction?

Name of limiting reactant (acetic acid or sodium bicarbonate):

How many moles of the limiting reactant are present in this reaction?

Moles of limiting reactant = mol

How many moles of carbon dioxide do you expect to be produced?

Moles of carbon dioxide = mol CO2

If the temperature in the laboratory is 23.2oC and the atmospheric pressure is 1.02 atm, what volume would be occupied by the carbon dioxide produced in this reaction (in cm3)?

Volume of carbon dioxide = cm3

What would be the circumference of a spherical balloon containing this amount of carbon dioxide gas?

Circumference of balloon = cm

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    Some of these questions are incomplete and many can't be answered because you did not give the molarity of acetic acid.

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