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mitx 8.01x Classical Mechanics

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Vector A⃗ , in the first quadrant, has a magnitude |A⃗ |= 1.0 and is at an angle α = 40 ∘ with respect to the positive x-axis. Vector B⃗ , in the fourth quadrant, has a magnitude |B⃗ |= 2.5 and is at an angle β = 20.0 ∘ with respect to the positive x-axis.

Find the x and y components of the vectors A⃗ and B⃗ . Notice that the answer box will accept and evaluate some mathematical functions. e.g. you can enter 5*sin(3.14/180*50) and the system will evaluate it as 5*sin(50 degrees). One important thing to notice is that the arguments for the trigonometric functions have to be in radians, not in degrees if you choose to use this feature.





  • mitx 8.01x Classical Mechanics -

    ax= 1.5*sin(40)



  • mitx 8.01x Classical Mechanics -

    only bx is correct

  • mitx 8.01x Classical Mechanics -

    ax = 1.5*sin(40)

    ay = -1.5*cos(40)

    bx = 2.5*sin(20)

    by = -2.5*cos(20)

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