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need to solve a word problem using linear equation in slope form.
Ben walks 3 miles per hour, and runs at 6 miles per hour. Runs and walks a total of distance of 210 miles per week.
Is this correct
210 = 3/6m +b - equation to show relation of hours run to walk
B. is Ben runs for 25, how many does he walk
210 = 6(25) +3(x)

  • Alebra -

    nope. distance = speed * time
    If the walk/run times are w and r, then

    3w + 6r = 210
    r = 35 - 1/2 w
    w = 70 - 2r

    you say Ben runs for 25. 25 what? hours, minutes, miles?

    If miles, then the run time is 25/6 hrs.
    Use that to find the w value

    Your equation hints that he ran for 25 hours. I think you will find that it will be hard to come up with a reasonable value for x.

  • Alebra -

    I meant 25 minutes

  • Alebra -

    here is the 2nd part of the question
    B. Ben runs for 25 hours. For how many hours does he walk?

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