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1. Identify the sentences in which antecedents are used correctly. Choose several.

a) We can’t go to the game on Friday because you must be a sophomore.

b) I missed the bus because I woke up late. (This is my choice)

c) The store hours can be obtained by contacting it at storehours dot aurg

d) My mother and father are both computer technicians, but I know very little about repairing computers. (This is my choice)

2. If you were to write an informational article about preparing to compete in a 100m run at the Olympic level, which text feature would you use to best provide an example about what it takes to compete at this level?

a) a table of gold medalists in the 100m for the past 10 olympic games

b) titling the article “only the strong survive”

c) a textbox or sidebar with a picture of a 100m Olympic Gold Medalist and his or her actual workout schedule (this is my choice)

d) a picture of an athlete running around a track

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    There's one more correct sentence in number 1.

    I agree with your answer for number 2.

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    For number 1, is it c?

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