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An arrow is shot from a bow at 20.0 m/s at an angle of 65 degrees above the horizontal. The arrow leaves the bow at a height of 1.80 m. At what height will it strike a wall that is 10.0 m away? (Remember to connect the two motions of the arrow using time.)

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    y = h + tanθ x - g/(2(vcosθ)^2) x^2
    so, plug in x=10:

    y = 1.8 + 2.144x - .580x^2
    = 1.8+21.44-5.80
    = 17.44

    you can also use time, but it takes a bit more work:

    Vx = 20 cosθ
    use that to find t = 10/Vx
    Vy = 20 sinθ
    y = 1.8 + Vy t - 4.9t^2

    If you churn it out, it should come out the same.

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