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A solution is 40% acetic acid by mass. The density of this solution is 1.049 g/mL. Calculate the mass of pure acetic acid in 170 mL of this solution at 20 C.
Answer in units of g

The density of a solution of sulfuric acid is 1.29 g/cm3 and it is 38.1% acid by mass. What volume of the sulfuric acid solution is needed to supply 163 g of sulfuric acid? 1 cm^3= 1 mL

If I could see this step by step it would be VERY helpful, thank you so much :)

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    mass of 170 mL = 1.049*170 = 178.33 g

    mass pure acid = .4*178.33 = 71.33 g

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    Those are not the right answers

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