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+ RN

The addition problem above is correct. If N, R, A, B, and C are different digits, what is the greatest possible value of B+C?

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    RN cannot be 99, since R≠N

    If RN=98 then
    98+89 = 187

    So, B+C=15
    That's my final answer.

    If B+C=16, then since B≠C, the digits must be 79. 97+79=176, B+C=13

    it's also easy to show that B+C≠17 or 18

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    It is 11

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    There is only possibility of six addition without repeating digits i.e. 48+84=132 57+75=132 58+85=143
    67+76=143 68+86=154 and 78+87=165
    Some of them have same answer.In 1st and 2nd case the answer is 5.In 3rd and fourth case answer is 7 then fifth and sixth case have 9 and 11 answer respectively.

    So the greatest value of B+C is 11.

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