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Geometry/Algebra 1/12th grade

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Find the value of x. Round u'r answer to the nearest hundredth, if necessary.
Area of triangle=108m^2
A=1/2 bh
So, 108m^2=1/2 ((x+6)m)(xm)
108m^2=1/2 m^2+x^2+6????

If so then what? Sub m^2 from the left side?? Then what? :/

  • Geometry/Algebra 1/12th grade -

    I think the m means meters, as in unit of length: 6m

    108 = 1/2 (x+6)(x)
    x^2+6x-216 = 0
    (x-18)(x+12) = 0
    since we want a positive side, x=18m

    If you really want to carry the m's along, just do so:

    108m^2 = 1/2 (x+6)m*xm
    = 1/2 x(x+6)m^2
    Now the m^2's cancel out, and we proceed as at first.

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