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Will you please give me extremely basic sentences that I have to translate into Latin using direct objectums?

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    I don't see any verbs in the first 3 lessons in Ecce Romani 1 that will allow direct objects. Which lesson are you on now?

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    I am now on Chapter 4

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    The girl sees the boys.

    The servant walks in the fields.

    The boy climbs the tree.


    Now, surely your text has practice sentences, too. And be sure you use the lessons and vocabulary and grammar exercises in the link I gave you above.

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    Puella videt puerum.

    Servus ambulat in agris(em?)

    Puer ascendit arborem.

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    The -em ending would be used for accusative singular. The ending -is you used first is correct.

    Everything else is correct.

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