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Heat 1kg of CaCO3, get 560g of CaO.
Write the reactant equations and solve the mass of CO2 that born. The CaO is 100% pure.

Anyone help me, pls?

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    CaCO3 ==> CaO + CO2

    mols CaCO3 = grams/molar mass = 1000/100 = about 10 mols.
    Covert mols CaCO3 to mols CaO using the equations in the balanced equation. That is about 10 mols CaO since CaCO3:CaO is 1:1.
    Convert mols CaO to grams. g = mols x molar mass = about 10 x 56 = about 560 so the yield is 100% which means the yield for CO2 will be 100%.
    Now convert mols CaCO3 to mols CO2 and convert to grams as in the CaO to find grams CO2.

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