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Lisa makes 6 identical flags from 10 meters of fabric. How many meters of fabric does she use for each flag?

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    What do you think?

    I'll be glad to check your answer.

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    3/5 meters of fabric

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    That doesn't make sense.

    3/5 * 6 = 18/5 = 3 3/5 meters. But you have 10 meters.

    Each flag must have more than a meter in it.

    10/6 = ?

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    1 4/6

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    Right. Each flag must have 1 2/3 meters or 1.66667 meters.

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    i don't understand, csn you explain it to me

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    jake backes 10 trays of cookies using 8 cups cups of milk . How many cups of milk does he use for each tray of cookies

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