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You are hosting a cookout for 24 people and are supplying the main dishes and several sides. You must take a trip to the grocery store in order to purchase all of the items you need.

You know that hotdogs are $1.50 per package and there are 8 hotdogs in each package. You also know that hamburger is $1.59 per pound and that you can purchase the hamburger in ¼ pound increments.

You estimate that ½ of the people will eat hotdogs and 1/2 will eat hamburgers.

Half of those eating hotdogs will eat 2 hotdogs; the remainder will eat one hotdog. You can make 4 hamburger patties from each pound of hamburger. Determine the cost for the meat.

  • math -

    12 people will eat dogs
    6 of those will eat 2 dogs, making 18 dogs total.
    that means you have to buy 3 packages of dogs, for $4.50

    12 people eat burgers
    Assuming only one burger each, that means 3 lbs burger, for $4.77

    Add it up to get the cost of the meat.

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