posted by sasha

K is the midpoint of JL JL=4x-2
and JK=7. find x, KL, and JL.
Very confused , can you please show steps to working out the problem

  1. Steve

    JL is the whole length, so JK is half the length. So,

    7+7 = 4x-2
    4x = 16
    x = 4

    So, JL = 4*4-2 = 14
    JK = KL = 7

    Actually, since they told us that JK=7, we knew right away that JL was 14, since JK was half of JL. All that nonsense about x and stuff was superfluous.

  2. sasha

    thank you so much steve

  3. ;ic;lkjfg


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