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explain the relationship between tea and a) the Industrial Revolution and b) the expansion of the British Empire

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    I will be happy to critique your comparision and analysis.

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    Here is one I never thought of:

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    Interesting, Professor.

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    The relationship between tea and the industrial revolution is that tea was the drink on which all workers depended on to “sharpen their mind’ so that they would be able to endure the long shifts at the factories that were required of them. Just like intellectuals and businessmen had been drawn to coffee, workers took to tea and one of their perks on the job was free tea breaks. It kept the factory running smoothly.
    would this answer be okay? and im having a tough time answering the second part of the question. don't have much evidence to support it

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    I think the demand for tea sparked shipbuilding, trade routes, and colonies in the Far East (to grow tea). Trade then provided raw materials (not found in England) such as cotton, silk, sasal which then needed to be turned into cloth economically (as compared to hand weaving). The need for machines was then formed.

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    which resulted in the expansion of the British Empire?

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    yes. for tea, supply routes, and raw goods. Cloth was then shipped back and exchanged for tea and raw goods.

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    okay, thank you

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