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Latin Practice

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Can someone give me some singular to plural and plural to singular basic sentences that are both masculine and female for me to try?

I can only do really basic sentences like:

The boys are slaves.
The boys are roman
The girls are in the fields
Marcus and Sextus are happy.

Really basic stuff.

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    It would help me to know what textbook you are using, and which edition. Then let me know what your most recent lesson or chapter assignment is.

    You have written these; change them into singular forms and let me know how you do:

    Pueri servi sunt.
    Pueri sunt Romani.
    Puellae in agris sunt.
    Marcus et Sextus sunt fortunati.

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    Its ecce roman 1

    Puer servus est.
    Puer est Romanus.
    Puella in agris est.
    Marcus est fortunatus.

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    Those are fine.
    Is this your text? What lessons have you completed?

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    I aced this test!

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