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Can someone please give me five or four basic/beginner sentences that contain plural and singular words so I can translate them and you see if they are right?

I have a test over grammar tomorrow,

I can do sentences like:

The girls were running through the fields. etc

  • Beginner latin -

    Puer cum nautibus ambulat.

    Puellae rosas pulchras in provinciā vident.

    Filiī agricolae ad oppidum ambulabant.

    Filia misera patrem suum videbat.

    I have no idea what vocabulary or declensions or conjugations you've learned yet. These may be too easy.

  • Beginner latin -

    Those are actually way to hard! Thanks though!:)

  • Beginner latin -

    Translations ... these are very early (lesson 1 or 2 level in most textbooks):

    The boy is walking with the sailors.
    The girls see beautiful roses in the province.
    The sons of the farmer were walking to town.
    The unhappy daughter was looking at (seeing) her father.

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