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Do the phases of the moon affect how much of the moon is illuminated?

I said yes because that's what causes us to have the different shapes/phases of the moon. Whichever parts are lit up.

Is the following sentence true or false? The cycle of the phases takes about two days longer than the moons revolution around Earth.

List two reasons why the moons surface has extremely high and low temperatures .
Is it because one is lit up and the other isn't?

Who can see a total eclipse when it occurs?

Whoever is in the umbra? Im not sure....

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    The phases of the moon do not affect how much is illuminated. The sun always shines on one half of the moon's surface (except when there is a lunar eclipse). The phases of the moon are caused by where earth are in relation to the sun and moon, and how much of the illuminated side we can see.

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    Thanks so much! I now have all the correct answers, thanks for your help.

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