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How did the absolute monarchs contribute to the discovery of America? Wasn't it discovered before?

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    What "absolute monarchs" are you referring to?

    Who were and who were not "absolute monarchs"?

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    The absolute monarchs in general such as Louis the 16th, and Catherine the great.

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    You need to identify the "absolute monarchs" you want to concentrate on (you've named two) and then research them to find out IF their interests and commands had anything to do with any discoveries in the Americas.

    You should also do some research about exploration (who did the exploring and when) in the Americas.

    Then you should be able to identify the monarchs whose interests and commands had any influence on those who did the exploring.

    Do you need help using Google or Bing to start researching?

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    I know that it was christopher columbus was the one to first discover the Americas and that he was sponsered by King ferdinand and queen isabella of spain. I looked at the other absolute monarchs, and the absolute monarchs of Russia wanted to expand Russia. I only found Spain to be interested in America because they discovered it and Louis the 16th helped with the funds for the revolution.

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    The English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese were all interested in exploring the "New World" -- but if you mean only what is now the USA, then you can include the English, Spanish, and French.

    Which monarchs were involved for each of those countries?

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    France: Louis the 16th, and other Louis
    English: the Tudors, Oliver Cromwell, Charles I & II, William and Mary, James
    Spain: Charles V, Philip II, Ferdinand and Isabella,

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    The countries contributed to the discovery of America because the countries were competing about who could get more land. When Spain was given the opportunity, it jumped at it and sponsored Columbus who later found America. The other countries did not help with the direct discovery of america but they helped formed its identity by supporting it int eh revolution (France) and fighting with it for its land and colonies (Spain and England).

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    Is that right?

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    Were the Absolute Monarchs part of the Renaissance or after?

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    There have been absolute monarchs since humans have been allowing themselves to be ruled by others. They haven't been allowed in all societies since time began, but in a great many. Sometimes they were considered both monarch and head priest.

    The ones you're dealing with, however, are the kings you mentioned plus Elizabeth I and Isabella. (Hint: Cromwell was not a king.)

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    Isn't he included as one of the absolute monarchs?

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    Read widely in ALL of these search results:




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    thank you so much!!!!!!! You are the best

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    You're very welcome. =)

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