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I'm doing my summer reading list and I need help these are the instructions

"Have notes for each chapter (or story or part of the novel—depending on how the novel is arranged) with the following points: main characters, conflict, and plot. This will help you with the project that will be assigned to you on the first day of school."

I'm currently doing the book "A Child Called It" for plot I put exposition,rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. Correct? I don't do a summary since the book only has 7 chapters

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    What does the number of chapters have to do with whether or not you write a summary?

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    I was gonna do a summary for each chapter but it's not asking me that it's asking for a plot

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    You know the elements of the plot, so I take your instructions as meaning this:

    Chapter 1: List or tell about the main characters, the conflict, and any other parts of the plot in this chapter.

    Chapter 2: List or tell about the main characters, the conflict, and any other parts of the plot in this chapter.

    Chapter 3: List or tell about the main characters, the conflict, and any other parts of the plot in this chapter.

    etc. ... for all 7 chapters.

    Obviously not all the plot elements are included in each chapter, but you need to include what is there, chapter by chapter.

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