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A diagram shows a straight line graph of In y against x,passing through the point (0,2) and having gradient -3/2 .
The variables x and y are connected by the equation y=pq^x ,where p and q are constants
(i)the value of p and of q ,to one decimal place
(ii)the equation relating x and y

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    y = pq^x
    lny = lnp + x lnq

    2 = lnp + 0 lnq
    p = e^2

    1/y y' = lnq
    y' = y ln q
    -3/2 = 2 lnq
    lnq = -3/4
    q = e^(-3/4)

    y = e^2 e^(-3x/4)

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    Can be more specific? still do not understand ...
    The answer for part (ii) should be y=7.4(0.2)^2
    and the values of q is o.2 ..

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    sorry. Guess I should not have given that last line, but the values for p and q were given...

    p = e^2 = 7.4
    q = e^(-3/2) = 0.2

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