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Given that csc θ = -4 and tan θ > 0, find the exact value of
a. x
b. sin θ
c. cos θ
d. r
e. sec θ
f. cot θ

  • Trig -

    same as the others ....

    cscØ = -4
    so sinØ = -1/4

    we also know that tanØ>0 so
    the sine is negative and the tangent is positive ---> Ø must be in III

    since sinØ = -1/4, in III, y = -1, r = 4
    by Pythagoras and the CAST rule
    x = -√15

    The rest is now easy, just use your definitions.
    let me know what you get.

    cotØ = x/y = -√15/-1 = √15

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