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Pre Calculus 2

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A ship regularly travels between two ports that are 350 miles apart. When traveling directly from A to B, the ship sails on a bearing of . However, to avoid a storm, one day the ship leaves A on a bearing of and travels for 6 hours at 17mph. When the bad weather has passed, it turns and heads for B.How far is the ship from B when it makes the turn? What is the bearing for the second part of the trip?

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    Ships travel on headings, not bearings.

    From the ship's perspective, other objects have bearings.

    Other than that, supply the missing numbers and maybe we can get somewhere.

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    Ships travel on "headings" not "bearings". Math teachers are not seamen :)

    You need to know what the heading is for the first part of the trip to do the problem.

    one day the ship leaves A on a HEADING of ##### WHAT #### for 102 miles (6*17)

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