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New laws are being proposed that would require schools to accommodate students who wish to transfer to a different school if the school falls below a certain level on statewide standardized tests. Supporters of this law believe that it is a student's right to transfer to a new school if his or her current school is not fulfilling its duties. Opponents argue that this law is impractical--what would happen if all the students requested transfers?----and unfairly weights test scores without considering other factors at a school. In your opinion, should students be allowed to transfer if schools score below a certain level on standardized tests?


Students tend to be picky with schools. They prefer one over another based on the rigor of the curriculum. This,however, can be a good thing. The new laws suggest that schools accept students who transfer from another school,since it scores low in statewide standardized tests. Although some think that this is impractical, students' right makes it clear that students should be allowed to transfer if schools do not meet the benchmark in state testing.

Opponents strongly disagree that students are allowed to transfer if the schools they are attending fails to score high on standardized tests. They believe that by allowing students to transfer, all may want to transfer too. This argument is wrong. The school can not guarantee that all students will transfer. Every student is different and one option may work for one and not for another. In addition, some students live too far away from the schools,which they want to transfer to, and this can make it inaccessible for them. It is clearly impossible for every single students to transfer because their perception of how things progress is different. For example, if a student wants to become a doctor, then he or she would want to be in a competitive and rigorous school. On the other hand, a student who wants to be a fireman would only need a decent school to attend. There are many circumstances to consider when transferring,so this argument is inadequate.

The first reason why students should be allowed to transfer is that they have their rights. There should be no control. It is their future,and transferring does affect it. For instance, if the school does not teach a subject like AP English, then the students must transfer to another school to fulfill their need to be successful in college. Plus, a school that scores low on state testing showcases that its curriculum is not rigor enough to push the students. One school may offer only regular Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, but another may offer Algebra 1and Algebra 2 honors. Students who take honor classes will be more likely to score high on state testing. Students should not be deprived of becoming successful.Their decisions for which classes they will take impact them. Hence, they should have the right to transfer.

The second reason for why students should be allowed to transfer is that it can help improve the schools. That is, the schools would consider why some students transfer;they would likely to reflect upon the scores and see that they need major improvements. Of course all schools want to have a good reputation,so this motivates them to heighten their curriculum to prevent many students transferring. The high school that I am attending scores quite low in English and math, while another high school,which consists much more students than my school, scores significantly high. The curriculum of my high school is now indeed a bit higher than before. Now they offer college courses like Writing 101 and IB Calculus 2 HL. Students who transfer can better the schools and increase competition among schoos.In short, this can help schools which in turn can help students become strong academically.

As seen in this essay, it is relevant to allow students to transfer if schools score low on statewide standardized tests. This not only opens more opportunities for students to be successful,but it can significantly make the school better and more competitive to acquire a good reputatation. Both schools and students need to improve to compete in the global world.

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