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the notion that much behaviour is internal has been specifically championed by all the following except?
my answer is a

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    Nope. Have you looked up each of these in your text or Googled them?

    In the future, you can find the information you desire more quickly, if you use appropriate key words to do your own search. Also see

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    You have to define that. But as Skinner looked on behaviour, he believed it was a waste of time to try to explain behaviour based on internal subsconscious or biological processes. He focused on that which could be observed.

    Freud was the master of exploring the subconcious, and explain many things based on that. Bandura took Skinner to another step, however in his later years he came up with recognizing humans had two morally INATE abilities agentic abilities, so I don't know what he actually believed in.
    And, I do not know the word "internal". It has been used in psychology quite loosely.

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    im thinking its bandura ,,anyone have any thoughts on this

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    this is what my text says:

    one particularly influential to childrens behaviour has been social learning approach.this emphasises that all behaviour has been learnt(conditioned)and that social contexts ofthen work as a trigger for the appearance of this behaviour.

    these aspects make this approach ideal for studying childrens development.behaviour,is this connection,means all aspects of what the child does including emotions,thoughts,attitudes and physiological responses.much behaviour is internal.this approach to personality is associated in psychology with the famous names as Pavlov,skinner and further rival to this approach is the trait or personality amount approach,which uses measures like questionnaires or checklists to determine the quanity of certain personality characteristics (e.g. anxiety,hostility,extroversion,ect.)in particular individuals

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    I think the right one is skinner

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