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The density of a 60% (m/m) ethanol solution 0.8937g/ml , calculate the molarity of the solution , step by step .
Molar mass of ethanol = 46.07

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    60% (m/m)=60g of ethanol out of 100g in solution.

    60g of ethanol*(1 mole/46.07g)= moles of ethanol


    Solving for volume,


    Total volume=100g total solution/0.8937g/ml

    Molarity=moles/volume in L

    Molarity of ethanol solution=moles of ethanol/Total volume*(10^-3)

    It could be an easier way to do this, I just cant think of it at the moment.

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    One other thing, your answer should only have 2 significant figures.

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