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Can somebody please let me know whether or not this is written correctly in Spanish and if not then please make the corrections?

Específicas de “No oyes lardar los perros”
Ignacio, el hijo y su padre tuvieron una relación fría, triste y distante. El padre se sintió animosidad hacia el hijo por todas las cosas malas que el hijo había hecho para avergonzar a él ya su madre muerta. Aunque su hijo era un criminal y avergonzado el nombre de su familia, el padre todavía se sentía obligado a cuidar de su hijo a causa de un compromiso que había hecho a su
mujer (la madre de su hijo).

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    Sent to SraJMcGin.

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    The noun should not stand alone, so begin with "Las" or "Unas" (mejor) específicas plus some punctuation after the title. Perhaps "ladrar = check spelling = ladras los perros:" Ignacio

    alguna animosidad
    ya su madre, must be "y a" su madre
    era un criminal y había avergonzado

    You might like to make all the corrections and post it one more time. I'll "flag" it so I can come back to check later.


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    SraJMcGin: I would like to ask a couple of questions so I can try to understand my assignment better. I am in a Spanish Literature course in College and would like to know some questions that I need answers to:

    1. Which type of Spanish(1. Latin American Spanish, 2. Mexican American Spanish, or 3. European American Spanish) am I suppose to use for translating a paper that is APA Style from English to Spanish for Spanish Literature?

    2. Am I suppose to write in First
    Person, Second Person, or Third Person?

    3. Which tense am I suppose to use such as Progressive, Conditional, Past, Future, or Present when writing a paper for Spanish Literature?

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    1. Deepending upon the specific Literature Class you have, your teacher should set up the rubric. Is that teacher using Latin-American Spanish, Castillien, for example? In most colleges, it will not be Mexican.

    In the second place, you are not translating something from English to Spanish, are you? You should be reading literature in Spanish.
    Translation is a highly specialized talent, to get all the nuances.

    Actually, I need to know more about this Literature Class you are taking. I have been an invigilator in both AP (Advanced Placement) and IB (Internatural Baccalaureate, but over the years their rubrics have become quite close.

    2. This again, would be up to your teacher. Ask for a RUBRIC (that is how your paper will be graded.) Is this a lower-level or upper-level course? Some times, depending upon what we read or saw (movie), my students wrote in First Person, making it THEIR story, or Second Person, responding to the main character, for example, or Third Person. I would say Third Person, Historical Present would be a good choice.
    3. Again, depending upon the level of your course, and the critique (if that is what you are doing), for both an AP or IB final, I would suggest my students write in ALL the tenses, just to prove that they understood them and could use them!

    Now, none of this may be exactly what you are looking for. Did you teacher give you NO DIRECTION and simply say to follow the APA rules? That is another rubric!

    If you could tell me more about your course, and give me the EXACT ASSIGNMENT you were given, I might have better advice.

    Always glance at the Related Questions (below) because somethere there could be similar!


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    PD: Por si acaso no has encontrado lo siguiente, aquí está una busca de Google sobre el cuento:

    ¿Prefieres comunicarnos en inglés o en español? Me es igual.

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    My assignment is as follows: How do you perceive the reality and the fantasies in the readings of Jorge Luis Borges (El Sur and La Brujula), Julio Cortazar (Continuad de los parques and la noche boca arriba) and Carlos Fuentes (Chac Mool). The paper has to be written 3 pages APA Style in Spanish. The stories can be found online in Spanish and in English. I am sending the stories that I found online in English. I have them in Spanish, too. I am also sending the rubric for grading the assignment:

    Ideas presented are specific to Borges: maximum points 3

    Ideas are specific to Cortazar: maximum points 3

    Ideas are specific to Fuentes: maximum points 3

    The ideas are intergrated: maximum points 3

    Use of correct Spanish grammar, punctuation, and APA Style: 3 points

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    ¡Ajá! JLB, my very favorite author! When I was studying Spanish Literature at the University, my teacher "skipped" his works, as being too difficult! I adored all his works, and my students did too!

    (La Brújula - don't for the accent!)

    I no longer check Jiskha but MsSue will forward them to me (and another friend). If you'd like, write your paper, and I'll be glad to check it for you.

    I'll also be glad to do any "research" for you as well, if you need that. The usual format for a multi-paragraph essay is: Intro, each author (3 paragraphs minimum) and Conclusion. Take notes, write the paper and always leave at least ONE day before you do the final proofreading.


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    oops = don't forGET the necessary accents. Sorry for the typo.


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    Just happened to "stumble" over this conversation with Carlos Fuentes on NPR:


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    18 octubre 2013 = No contesto a estas preguntas ya que todavía he contestado.


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