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Nelda is fearful of public places and has managed to stay "at home" for the last three years. She and her therapist have developed a strategy. During the first week, she will go to the front door and open it and look outside. If she can remain calm, the goal for the second week is stepping on to the front porch. They are using _______________. 
A. systematic desensitization

B. operant conditioning

C. aversive conditioning

D. contingency contracting
 i believe its C?

 "I have never been a good problem solver. I am not direct enough to be successful," the client complained. "You do not see yourself as a direct problem solver?" responded the therapist. This conversation is typical of _______________. 
A. dialectical therapy

B. ration-emotive therapy

C. group therapy

D. person-centered therapy
 Is it B?

46. One of the interesting aspects of family therapy is the "system" or roles which are assumed by family members. A good example would be _______________. 

A. the father sometimes comes home late

B. the mother has difficulty making decisions

C. the teenage boy is the scapegoat

D. the oldest daughter is very popular at school
i guessed D?

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