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the power developed by a man in riding up a 6 percent grade a ta constant speed is 200 W. the man and his bicycle have acombind mass of 80kg.determine the speed of riding.

  • Dynamics -

    gradient = rise/run = 0.06
    At 1m/s (horizontal distance), the bike and the rider (mass=80 kg) gains potential energy of mgh
    = 80*9.81*(1m/s * 0.06)
    = 47.88 W
    Therefore speed (in the horizontal direction)
    = 200/47.88 m/s (horiz.)
    = 4.2474 m/s (horiz.)
    = 4.2474*(1.0018) m/s (on slope)
    = 4.255 m/s (on slope)

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