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The separation of homologous chromosomes is called:
A. synapsis.
B. segregation.
C. mitosis.
D. fertilization.

is it C

2. In humans, the genes for blood type A and B show lack of dominance to one another and both dominate O. Two type O people would be able to have:
A. IO IA IB IAB type children.
B. only O type children.
C. IO IA type children.
D. only AB type children.

is it D

3. The sex of mammals is determined by:
A. the autosomes they receive.
B. the type of sex chromosomes received.
C. the number of recessive chromosomes received.
D. None of these answers is or may be a factor.

is it B

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    I saw the first question earlier. Mitosis is the process where cells divide and includes the doubling of chromosomal material, segregation, and the division of the cell to produce two identical cells. Therefore, the best answer choice to your first question is B. In order for an individual to be classified as having O type blood, the individual must inherit two recessive alleles for O blood type. If the individual has a parent that has the blood type A, and another parent that has blood type O, then that individual's blood type will be A, since the A allele is dominant; the same is true if one of the parents has blood type B and the other has blood type O. Therefore, if an individual has a parents that have blood type O, then the individual will also have blood type O, making B the best answer choice for your second question. You answered your third question correctly, in my opinion.

    Bests and good luck.

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