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Force of attraction between two spheres is 3.75 x 10^-5 dyne when the spheres are placed 18 cm apart. What is force of attraction when placed 52 cm apart?

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    F = k (1/d^2) , where F is the force, d is the distance between them , and k is a constant

    for the given:
    3.75x10^-5 = k/18^2
    k = .01215

    so F = .01215/d^2
    when d = 52
    F = .01215/2704 = appr 4.50x10^-6


    F1/F2 = (d2/d1)^2
    F1/3.75x10^-5 = 18^2/52^2
    F1 = 4.50x10^-6

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