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Where did you go?
I went to Gwangalli Beach.

When did you go?
I went there about two weeks ago.

How did you get there?
I took a bus to get there.

What did you do there?
I changed clothes and ran into the water to swim. I took a banana boat with my friends.

How did you feel about the trip?
I felt very interested.

Taking a Banana Boat
About two weeks ago, I went to Gwangalli Beach with my friends. I took a bus to get there. At Gwangalli beach, I enjoyed swimming and taking boats. I took a banana-shaped boat. It was fun to take a banana boat. I also swam with my friends in the sea. I always feel fun when I look at this picture.

(Would you correct any errors in the passage?)

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    The only correction is in the last sentence. We don't "feel fun."

    I always feel happy when I look at this picture.

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