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i need to write an essay on 'the day your neighbour asked you to look after her young baby while she went to market.'

please give me some ideas.....

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    Have you taken care of a neighbor's baby? When? How old were you? How old was the baby? Add descriptions of the baby and add accounts of what the baby did, how he/she acted, etc.

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    no i haven't in my life ever taken care of a neighbor's baby.

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    Then you'll need to say that ... and then maybe write up what you MIGHT do if asked to do such a thing.

    Or ... is this a required essay? Or can you choose another topic?

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    yeah this is included in vacation work.
    Can u help me out........

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    i just need to write it of 250 words.

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    No one can write this except you ... and no one here will do your assignment for you.

    You'll have to get creative and make something up ... maybe about a screaming baby and what you did to make him/her stop. I have no idea, but you must get your imagination in gear and write, write, write ...

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    I have a 3 year old little god brother... Although I don't like to give answers I find its better to do it and here is a tip
    *write how you would feel if a little kid kept you up till 4:45 am screaming in your face... (its not fun)

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    I don't know if you know then you can tell me plzz

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