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A picnic cooler contains different types of cola.12 regular, 8 cherry, 6 diet, 8 caffeine free, 10 diet vanilla, and some diet cherry. U pick a can of cola without looking at its type. There is a 44% chance that the drink selected is diet. How many diet cherry colas r in the cooler? Hint: let c.rep the diet cherry cola, remember that 44% can be written as a fraction. (10 marks)

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    let c be the number of diet cherry drinks
    total drinks = 12+8+6+8+10+c = 52+c
    diet drinks = 6+10 + c
    = 16+c , I didn't count caffeine free as diet

    (16+c)/(52+c) = 44/100 = 11/25
    400 + 25c = 572 + 11c
    14c = 172
    c = a fraction, ---> should not be a fraction, should be a whole number

    let's count caffeine free as diet
    number of diet = 24+c

    (24+c)/(52+c) = 11/25
    600+25c = 572 + 11c
    14c = a negative, this is even worse !!!

    Unless I misread the question, the question is bogus.

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    I got 6 as the answr when I did the check it worked! Thanks for the help tho! :)

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