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    "Density bottle" is also called a specific gravity bottle, or pycnometer, which has a known capacity.
    They come in different capacities. Common capacities are 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 ml.

    The question does not specify the capacity, so an assumption is required. Assuming a 25 ml. capacity, then
    net volume = 25 ml
    net mass = 65-25 g = 40 g
    Density = 40/25 g/ml = 1.6 g/ml
    Note that the calculated density might change when the real capacity of the bottle is known.

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    75 g - 30 g
    = 45
    Mass of water= 45 g

    65 g - 30 g
    = 35

    Mass of liquid x = 35

    Density = mass/volume
    = 35/45
    = 0.77 cm cube

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