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Algebra 2

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Palmer and teller go to the local ice cream parlor after work that offers 40 flavors of ice cream. Palmer wants a cone with chocolate mousse on top, cherry truffle in the middle, and double Dutch chocolate on the bottom. Teller wants a dish with strawberry, banana, and vanilla. Just when they finish ordering, the lights go off and it is completely dark. The ice cream scooper can find the dishes and the cones, but must scoop the ice cream at random in the dark. What is the probability that:

A. Teller gets exactly what he wants?
B. Palmer gets exactly what he wants (order and all)?
C. Palmer does not get exactly what he wants?
D. If Palmer changes his order keeping the same ice cream flavors, but asking for them in a dish, does he have a better chance of getting what he wants? Explain.

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