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Mark Twain used the characters his novel "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" to show his contempt for the romantic style of literature. List three examples from the text that support the label for each character.

Huck Finn- Realism
Tom Sawyer- Romanticism

This is supposed to be a chart and I have already put for the examples that Huck Finn (for realism) quit Sawyer's gang of robbers because he "couldn't see no profit in it." And for Tom Sawyer (romanticism) I wrote down that he started an imaginary gang of robbers that "hadn't robbed nobody, hadn't killed any people, but only just pretended."

Are these examples good so far? Can you help me think of the other two examples for both characters? Thank you so much!

  1. Writeacher

    Read through some of the responses here, but DO NOT COPY AND PASTE any of them!! Just use them to trigger your own ideas.


  2. Jake

    Thank you so much! I found the two other examples for Huck and now I just have 2 of Tom's examples!

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