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A 34.1 kg child rides a Ferris wheel whose diameter is 18.3 m. When the ride is turning at a constant rate, the child’s speed has a constant value of 4.23 m/s. Find the normal force the seat exerts on the child at:

a) The top of the ride
b) The bottom of the ride

  • physics -

    a= v²/R.


    ma= mg –N
    N=m(g-a) =
    =m (g- v²/R) =
    = 34.1{9.8 - (4.23²/9.15 )}=
    =267 N.


    N= m(g+a) =
    = m (g+ v²/R) =
    = 34.1{9.8 +(4.23²/9.15 )}=
    =401 N

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