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When 0.13 g of H2 and 0.18 g of I2 are confined to a 150. mL reaction vessel and heated to 700. K, they react by a second-order process (first order in each reactant), with k = 0.063 L·mol-1s-1 in the rate law (for the rate of formation of HI).

(a) What is the initial reaction rate?

(b) By what factor does the reaction rate increase if the concentration of H2 present in the mixture is tripled?

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    H2 + I2 ==> 2HI
    rate = k(H2)(I2)
    you know k, you can calculate (H2) and (I2) from PV = nRT

    For part b just triple the (H2) calculated in part a and recalculate rate

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