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Compute the area of a triangle with a base of 15 cm and an altitude of 10.5 in.

Area (to the nearest tenth) = cm2

I plugged everything into the area formula which is A = (1/2)bh .

A=.5x15x10.5= I got 78.75 rounded 78.8.
The computer keeps saying I am wrong. What am I doing wrong?

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    Looks good to me. Computer may have wrong answer. Better check with your instructor. Have you tried entering 78.7 just in case they rounded wrong?

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    If your data are correct, I don't see anything you are doing wrong.

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    Aha! Note that the area is

    (1/2)(15 cm)(10.5 in)
    = (1/2)(15 cm)(26.67 cm)
    = 200.0 cm^2

    Gotta watch those units!
    Not a trick question, but ...

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    How did you get 26.67?

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    you gotta know that

    1 in = 2.54 cm

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    Omg Thank you !! I now know how to solve this type of problem the correct way ! Thank you so much !

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    Sorry that I missed the difference in units.

    10.5 inches = 26.67 cm.

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