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U.S. Government

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1. Amendment -- gave all men the right to vote regardless of race.
- 15?

2. People who believe voting is important have high political ----c-c-.
- efficacy?

3. It is an essential part of democracy in action, for the people to ---e.
- vote?

4. The age requirement to vote in the US is --.
- 18?

5. An illegal tax that once interfered with one's right to vote was the -o-- tax.
- poll?

6. Business owners are more likely to vote for the --p------- Party.
- Republican?

7. A person who is found -------y incompetent is not allowed to vote.
- mentally?

8. The first American voters were only white, male ---------s.
- electorates?

9. Any person currently in --i- cannot vote.
- jail?

10. The social group that has the most influence on how you will vote is your --m---.
- ?

11. The process by which we acquire our attitudes & opinions about politics is known as political -------z-t---.
- ?

12. Courts issued court orders, or i-j--cti--, to make sure that people of color were allowed to vote.
- injustice?

13. Union workers are more likely to vote for the -e------ Party.
- Democratic?

  • U.S. Government -

    8. property owners

    10. family


    12. No,

    The others are correct.

  • U.S. Government -

    11. socialization
    12. injunction

    & i question #8... because property owners doesn't fit in the blanks...

    Ms. Sue ; Could you help me with my Economics Questions? Please?

  • U.S. Government -

    You may be right about 8. 11 and 12 are now correct.

    I'm sorry, but I know nothing about economics.

  • U.S. Government -

    The social group that has the most influence on how you vote is in your --m---.

  • U.S. Government -

    #8 was defiantly landowners the really wealthy people. the rest seem correct

  • U.S. Government -


  • U.S. Government -

    8 is landowners

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