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math 4 grade

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question which is greater - are they equal - or not enough info

18K 17K

the answer says its not enough info

but 18 is always bigger than 17

  • math 4 grade -

    Is it all about temperature?
    So if it is then... you can change Kelvin(K) into Celcius (C).
    C= K-273
    so,18-273= -255
    17-273= -256
    then, so 17K is colder than 18K.

    Other formula's:
    C= 5/9 (F-32)
    F=9/5 (C+32)

    I hope it helped!

  • math 4 grade -

    Or does K stand for 1000?

    IF so, which is larger?


  • math 4 grade -

    the 18,000

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