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Statistics check

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Complete the hypothesis test with alternative hypothesis ƒÊd ‚ 0 based on the paired data that follows and d = O - Y. Use ƒ¿ = 0.01. Assume normality.

Oldest 188 174 192 196 65
Youngest 186 168 199 199 69

(a) Find t. (Give your answer correct to two decimal places.)
Correct: Your answer is correct.0.52 .

(ii) Find the p-value. (Give your answer correct to four decimal places.)
0.6036 I can not figure out how to find p value it always comes out wrong

Anyone know a simple way to determine the p-values, I keep missing them. If I see example I usually can figure it out but did not work this time. I have TI83 Calculator but can not figure out how to use it. So not sure if I can get it on it or not.

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    xbar = -1.2

    s = 5.17

    n= 5

    t = -1.2/(5.17/sqrt(5))

    t = -0.52

    p-value = 0.6310

    To get p-value

    Stat oldest L1, youngest L2

    difference between oldest and youngest L3 after quit and stat tests then T-test data
    List: L3

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    what do you mean with stat oldest L1, etc. Have a question I have a TI-83 Plus calculator, is there a way of putting in the information to get the p value or do you still have to look at a chart.
    When I read the instructions on it, it mentioned finding the z value to get to the p value, I am confused I am so sorry.

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    When you use your ti-83
    L1, L2

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